Start with an Audi A4 Cabriolet, among one of the most magnificent four-seat convertibles ever to stroll American roadways, however somewhat of a slouch in the performance department. Oh, it’s solid and also safe in the corners, but with a modestly powered V6 and no alternative to move your own gears, you won’t be appearing of them extremely quick. Then consider the high-performance S4 sedan, which responds to the BMW M3’s ask for even more horsepower with a 340-hp, 4.2-liter V8. Designers likewise battened down the stock A4 running equipment for quicker runs through the switchbacks and also set up a set of Recaro seats that properly secure the motorist throughout stated runs. Alongside, these vehicles may share their ancestry, however they deal with 2 extremely various drivers. One is a sun worshipper that intends to take a trip in haute couture as well as high comfort 365 days a year. Well then, that male or woman will most likely be among the initial in line to purchase the 2004 S4 Cabriolet. This Cabriolet brings every one of the S4 sedan’s (and also the S4 wagon’s) efficiency improvements to bear on the roads of your finding.

The previously mentioned V8 is packed into its portable engine bay and all 340 initial horses and also 302 pound-feet of torque are at your disposal. As well as due to the fact that Audi understands that major chauffeurs want to be provided the alternative of shifting their very own equipments, a six-speed handbook transmission is basic on this drop top. If you determine you prefer to not, a six-speed automated with a Tiptronic automanual setting is optional. Although an automatic is a good alternative to have in overloaded areas, we would not have actually minded seeing another model of Audi’s Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) instead. Essentially a hands-on transmission without a conventional clutch pedal, the DSG supplies essentially all of the ease and level of smoothness of an automated. At the exact same time, it has a really responsive manual-shift setting that’s more for the higher-intensity driving S4 owners are likely to do in their spare time. Offered the selection in between the DSG and also Tiptronic, we ‘d take the DSG whenever– at the very least in an S4.

We shared these thoughts with Audi product planners, who, although responsive, kept in mind that this brand-new gearbox is currently only compatible with transverse-mounted engines (the 4.2 is longitudinal) as well as is restricted in the torque lots it can take care of. They did inform us that the engineers in Ingolstadt are dealing with a version of the DSG for future usage in the A4 as well as A6 lines (potentially including the high-performance S4 and S6 designs). You can opt out of the quattro all-wheel-drive system on the regular A4 Cabriolet, but it’s basic on the S4 to ensure that proprietors can take full advantage of the extra-large engine. The all-weather facet of quattro is very important, also, as Audi has determined the possibility of year-round usage as a top priority for target S4 Cabriolet customers– that presumably will test-drive it back-to-back with the rear-drive M3 convertible. While quattro maintains the S4 Cab all lined up in the turns, a modified framework develops its reflexes. Designers reduced the stock A4 suspension by 30mm as well as fitted the car with more powerful stabilizer bars as well as stiffer springtimes as well as shocks.

A new guiding rack gives a quicker 14.5-to-1 proportion (compared to 16.3 to 1 on the A4) and also differs the amount of assist according to the actual lorry speed. A larger, totally aerated set of brakes helps motorists keep a rein on all the muscle mass under the hood, and also Z-rated 235/40R18 Continental ContiSport tires develop the bond with the pavement. Audi turned us loose with all of the above running gear on an ideal springtime day in the high desert. Just manual-shift S4 Cabriolets were available for journalists to drive, as well as frankly, we wouldn’t have had it differently. Sure, the tosses in between gates are long as well as the clutch take-up a bit mushy for a performance car– yet it does not matter: The six-speed guidebook transmission is still an enjoyable methods of extracting performance from the 340-hp V8. With a lot of torque on its side, the engine draws hard at any type of rate, and also there’s absolutely nothing explosive, particular and even boisterous about its power shipment.